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If you want to know how to use this tool, please follow the faq section below.

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Mohammad Hayat-uz-zaman Talukder
Urban Development Programme, BRAC.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. In the Aid Activities (ত্রাণ কার্যক্রম) tab, you can see and analyze slumwise household count and recently distributed food and cash aid information from other volunteer organizations.
   - Click on a slum to see the detail information at the right side.
   - Green colored bubbles refer to slums which got some aids recently.
   - Organe colored bubbles refer to slums which got no aid at all recently.

2. You can choose the orange colored slums to start donating. You may also choose the lighter shades of green slums for the same.

1. Just like you see the data from other volunteer organizations in the Aid Activities (ত্রাণ কার্যক্রম) tab, they can also see your data there.
   - If you donate food or cash aid to a slum
   - If you submit that data into this application:

   Other volunteer organizations will be able to see your contribution.

2. They will be able to decide which slum to go for next donation. This way, the needy will get the help and duplication will be eliminated.

1. If you have not joined us yet, please click here to register your organization.
   - Upon clicking, you will see the below screen.
   - Please note that the contant no. added here will be your user account as your organization's administrator.
   - Upon successful submission of this form, you will receive an OTP as a text message to your contact no.
   - You will be able to login to the system with your contact no. and OTP. You will be asked to set a new password after you login first time.

1. Once you registered your organization in this application, click on the Submit your data to submit your aid distribution information.

   - Use your registered contact no. as your user account to login to the application.

   - Click on the Submit your aid distribution info. button to input your aid distribution data into the application.

2. Input all the information required in the below form and click on Submit button.
   - Input your name and contact no. and then select the correct city and slum where you have donated cash or food aid.